Theme: Navigating Women’s Health on Priority Health Agenda

  1. Introduction

The Rwanda Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RSOG) is a professional organization established as per the Ministerial Order N°04/08.11 of 09/01/2012.

RSOG’s mission is to contribute to the improvement in women’s health in Rwanda by promoting excellence in clinical practice, training, and research in Obstetrics and Gynecology, continuous professional development, and maintenance of high ethical standards; to represent the discipline within the country, on the continent, and internationally.

RSOG has been actively involved in improving maternal and child health in Rwanda through teaching sessions, outreach programs, and advising the Ministry of Health in matters related to reproductive health.

Being the largest professional society in clinical women’s health care in Rwanda, RSOG works with other governmental and non-governmental organizations to enhance women’s health both from the intrauterine life through the old age of

  1. Background

RSOG continues to sustain the capacity of the obstetricians and gynecologists taskforce in Rwanda through different strategies: Monthly continuous medical education on a selected topic which is also CPD-accredited, continuous vertical and horizontal mentorship programs, and conferences organization among others. Over the past years, RSOG has organized eight conferences that united Rwandan healthcare professionals, stake holders, and different institutions to women’s health through evidence-based practice adapted to the local context. RSOG has made joint conferences with the Rwanda Pediatric Association. RSOG has organized and hosted the FIGO-2020 Regional Conference for Africa and the Middle East. It has also hosted the ECSACOG launching ceremony in 2017, and participated in the preparation and hosting of ICFP-2018 in Kigali.

Maternal health is on the country’s priorities to eliminate the preventable causes of severe maternal morbidities and mortalities. One independent factor in reducing maternal morbidities and mortality is to enable the community to have a planned pregnancy and childbirth. This is achievable by use of Family Planning and other Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, which are classified by the WHO as essential services and as part of human rights to enable women to have the freedom to utilize SRHR services with no coercion or other compromise not related to the best safety of the woman. Strategies to enhance the services include recommendations based on research, policies, guidelines, and community experiences.

The fifth Population and Housing Census in Rwanda shows that significant efforts have been implemented to enhance reproductive justice in Rwanda with a resulting total fertility rate of 3.8, a maternal mortality ratio declined to 203, and increased life expectancy to 69.6 years. with more than two-thirds of the Rwandan population being in the youth category (73.8% are aged under 30 years) and the increasing life expectancy. The 9th RSOG Annual Scientific conference aims at discussing on the efforts that led to the current success and plan the future of Rwandan female from the young age, to the midlife and post menopause age. In addition, the conference will discuss the potential of women to drive the economic engines of the country and influence the non-health factors that affect the women’s health.

The RSOG-2023 conference will host different research, policies, guidelines, protocols, recommendations, and strategic implementations to emerge women’s health on the Priority Health Agenda.

  1. Conference Plan:

 CONFERENCE THEME: Navigating Women’s Health on Priority Health Agenda.

The conference will be held at the Serena Hotel Kigali Rwanda. It will be an opportunity to meet other Institutions and professional associations and exhibitors from different perspectives on clinical and non-clinical factors that influence women’s health.

The conference will host a large audience from Rwanda and other countries. Abstracts will be presented as either oral presentations or poster presentations. A team of panelists will have a discussion at the end of every plenary session.

  1. Conference Advertisement message

Rwanda Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RSOG) has organized its 9th conference to be held in Kigali from 13-15 December 2023. RSOG partners with other health professional institutions, governmental and non-governmental institutions as well as academic institutions to support obstetrics and gynecological services by expanding the services to all areas of the country, training healthcare providers, conducting research, leading clinical mentorships, and organizing conferences where the knowledge and evidence on women’s health care are shared.

The key theme for the 9th  Annual Scientific Conference is “Navigating Women’s Health on Priority Health Agenda”. During the conference, abstracts will be presented as oral or poster presentations and there will be plenary lectures by experts in women’s health. It will draw participants from a diverse group of professionals including midwives, nurses, anesthetists, trainees, Obstetricians and Gynecologists, academicians, policymakers, and other organizations and institutions. RSOG is seeking abstracts of projects conducted on women’s health covering at least one of the subthemes.

  1. Objectives

The aim of the 9th RSOG Annual Scientific Conference is to unite researchers, academicians, healthcare providers, organizations and institutions, policymakers, women’s health advocates, and other parties to share information, new practices, and ideas on strategies to maximize women’s healthcare services, learn from previous success stories, and plan for strategies to influence health agenda in prioritizing women’s health.

The subthemes for the 9th RSOG Annual Scientific Conference are:

  1. Investing in women’s health for economic advancement
  2. Global warming and women’s health
  3. Universal health coverage: Addressing Inequities in health care delivery for women
  4. Psychosocial and Mental Health Aspects of Women’s Health
  5. Sexual and reproductive health and rights
  6. Health Policy for Women
  • Expected outcomes
  1. Empowered healthcare providers in exploring and understanding the health policy, how health policy is formulated, and how health issues are brought on the health agenda
  2. Emphasize() the need to invest in midlife and menopause women’s health for a healthy aging
  3. Overview of The Rwanda Health Sector Strategic Plan 2018-2024 (HSSP IV) and map the implementation of priorities for women’s health
  4. How to sustain the teamwork between physicians, nonphysicians, and stakeholders to build a resilience healthcare system for women’s health mapped on the HSSP V.
  1. Duration and Venue & date

The 9th RSOG ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE will last for 3 consecutive days from 13-15 December 2023.

It will be held at Serena Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda.

The conference will host a large audience from Rwanda and other countries. Abstracts will be presented as either oral presentations or poster presentations. A team of panelists will have a discussion at the end of every plenary session.